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Styling Photo Shoots for Photographer Jim Westphalen

What an honor to style for photographer Jim Westphalen and Bill Killon, production specialist, again!  (other one: Thor’s Elegance Furniture Line) Jim asked me to style for Just Paint Vermont’s photo shoot for their new line of products using  Annie Sloan fabrics (and her paint line).  Hobo Bags, Market Bags, Napkins, Runners, Chair Covers, Pillows and More!    Great fun styling these great products-thank you Jim, Bill and the folks at Just Paint Vermont! A little eye candy for you :) Enjoy Joanne

Photo by Jim Westphalen


Photo by Jim Westphalen

Styling by Joanne Palmisano


Bedroom Sets, Styling for Jim Westphalen and Thor’s Elegance

It was a pleasure to see the final photographs from the shoot for Thor’s Elegance Furniture Line-they are amazing! When I’m not praising salvage, I’m talking about buying local and quality products-Thor’s is both. A Vermont furniture line that uses local wood and exceptional craftsmanship.  Jim Westphalen is a talented photographer and I was honored when he asked me to style the furniture line for him-from bedroom sets to entertainment centers. Tina Noel and Nora Moore, assisted as well (lots of car loads and long days — thanks, ladies!). I hope I did them all proud.  Here are just a few examples of the end result. Can’t wait to show you more.
My Best, Joanne

My Honor and Pleasure Working with Photographer Jim Westphalen

Photography by Jim Westphalen

I’m so lucky to work with many talented artists, photographers and stylists. This week has been a busy one working with photographer Jim Westphalen and his team (Lenny and Bill) and my team (Tina and Nora) to shoot and style a gorgeous Vermont furniture line. What I’ve learned over the week is not only is Jim a very talented photographer but he is kind and generous with his time and knowledge. Styling for a catalog is very different than styling for editorial (magazine, etc.). He’s been helpful in helping me see the difference. :) Yesterday he had a new person helping him out (someone who wants to learn the biz). As he worked, he explained things to him. Just amazing. If you want to see some of his work, go to his website. His blog has great stories as well as photography.  From country living photography to architectural, Jim will show you it through the eyes of a photographer. Jim’s generosity is a reminder to us all — give of our time so that others may benefit from our knowledge and experience.  Enjoy!
My Best, Joanne

Jim Westphalen’s stunning photography.