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Second-Hand Saturdays, Personalized Picture Coasters for Holiday Gifts

Second Hand Saturdays Project and just in time for the holidays. Personalized Photo Coasters, a perfect DIY craft for friends, family…even the kids! All you need are tiles from your local rebuild/recycle store, some felt, glue stick, some two-part epoxy resin (local hardware store or craft store) and of course, your family’s favorite pictures on printed on regular copy paper.

DIY Personalized Coastersphoto coasters how to make

Instructions: Clean the Tile, cut the felt and attach to the bottom, using either a glue stick or a hot glue gun. Then print out pictures that match the size of your tile and attach with a glue stick (the resin will keep it in place). Then mix the resin as stated on the bottle (there are also a couple of YouTube Videos on how to use it) and apply to the top and sides of your tile.  Blow dry the bubbles out of the top and let dry for a day or two — then wrap them up in pretty ribbon.  This affordable and easy DIY project was a ton of fun and the coasters are a huge hit at our house — I hope they are at your’s too :)  Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!  My best, Joanne



MORE DIY NETWORK Projects-10 Decorating Ideas You Can Do in 10 Minutes (and Some Less Than $10)

It’s always a pleasure working with DIY NETWORK. Here are 10 Decorating Ideas I created for your home’s table tops, holiday decorating or picnic outings — if you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, the Holidays or just want a gorgeous and affordable (and easy) decor display made from recycled and salvaged materials- check out these design ideas I came up with.  :)  Thanks Susan Teare for taking lots of the pictures.  My best, Joanne

Design by Joanne Palmisano Photo by Susan Teare Chicken Wire 1

ONE OF THE 10 PROJECTS: This recycled vase I picked up at Goodwill and wrapped left-over chicken wire from my coop. Then I added a vintage brooch and ribbon-this table setting is just one of the dozen or more table settings I’ve created using salvaged and recycled material. Hope you link through to DIY NETWORK to see the rest of the great ideas for this upcoming holiday season and more!



Styling Photo Shoots for Photographer Jim Westphalen

What an honor to style for photographer Jim Westphalen and Bill Killon, production specialist, again!  (other one: Thor’s Elegance Furniture Line) Jim asked me to style for Just Paint Vermont’s photo shoot for their new line of products using  Annie Sloan fabrics (and her paint line).  Hobo Bags, Market Bags, Napkins, Runners, Chair Covers, Pillows and More!    Great fun styling these great products-thank you Jim, Bill and the folks at Just Paint Vermont! A little eye candy for you :) Enjoy Joanne

Photo by Jim Westphalen


Photo by Jim Westphalen

Styling by Joanne Palmisano


13 Ways to Use Recycled Glass in Your Kitchen Design

I love writing a blog post for Williams Sonoma’s Cultivate every month. This month my article is about how easy it is to get recycled glass into your kitchen and sometimes you won’t even know its there.  I talk about 13 ways to use it from floors to backsplashes and more. Please take a second to check out the blog post. I think you’ll find it very interesting! My Best, Joanne

From my book, Salvage Secrets, photo by Susan Teare


Recycled Wine Bottles, Mason Jars and Vases: Home Decor Crafts

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Thrilled and Honored to be making projects for DIY Network! :) These home decorating projects are made from recycled glass jars and bottles I collected at my local Olive Garden (the large wine bottles), antique shops (the vintage blue mason jars) and second hand stores (glass vases).

Hope you check them out on DIY Network at 10 Fun Ways to Decorate with Wine Bottles and Mason Jars. Thanks a million :)  Joanne

On DIY Network

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