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19 Halloween Décor, DIYs, Ideas…Simple, Easy and Affordable!

Halloween Projects

I love Halloween…I’m not sure if it’s the crisp fall weather, the smell of the leaves on the ground, or the opportunity to scare little wee ones who come to the door looking for a treat. So of course, I go a little crazy with DIY decorating projects-some scary and some not so scary. Here are 19 simple, easy projects you can create yourself. Some of them I have created for DIY NETWORK, so I’ll link them to their HOW-TO step by steps and some I just made for this Halloween and are so simple, just looking at the picture, you’ll know what to do!  Happy Halloween!

My scariest wishes, Joanne

Want a glamorous Halloween party — look no further than this silver lighted pumpkin topiary… Photo by Susan Teare, Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK


Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving — the pumpkin topiary with natural looking white pumpkins, is perfect for a fall harvest fronth porch display.

30 minutes…black paint and a carpet remnant and you have created a spooky Halloween welcome mate. Photography by Susan Teare. Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK.

Your very own creepy simple and kid friendly! DIY NETWORK project. Click the picture for the step by step.

Halloween Walkway Laterns from old Picture Frames for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo by Susan Teare

This is still one of my favorite Halloween projects I’ve made for DIY NETWORK. What a great way to light up your walkway for the trick or treaters…old picture frames, vintage prints and some candles. See the step by step. Lanterns.

Have only a few minutes before your Halloween party guests arrive? Grab an old frame, some yarn, spiders and voila — instant Welcome sign.

Make your own spooky Halloween bar for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets Design, Photo by Susan Teare

YUP!! Love making Halloween bars—especially ones that serve TRUTH SERUM!!

This pumpkin topiary might give you the shivers! It looks like a three story spider condo with the momma spider ready to pounce!

Retro Cheveron Pattern Pumpkin Topiary for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo Susan Teare

Get retro for Halloween — this painted pumpkin topiary — is fun and easy to create!

Design by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK. For Halloween turn your house into a scary inn with this sign!

I made this fun Halloween mirror with spiders with my nieces…great project with kids. Click picture for an older blog post on the step by step.

Faux Pumpkin Bonfire…a must for any Halloween or Fall Harvest Party! Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK

halloween yarn wrapped recycled bottles joanne palmisano salvage secrets design

I can’t just sit around — so I found some old bottles and jars, and used some left over yarn and created this Halloween table display décor pieces. Bring as a gift to a party or line the center of the table with them! Hot glue and some time is all you need!


Floral Pumpkin Topiary — made with coffee filters… Halloween and Fall Entrance Way display.

Vine Wreath made simple — paint it black — add some spiders!! I loved making this project. So simple. Start with a floral wooden wreath form. By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Creepy Family Picture by Joanne Palmisano

Printed out a vintage family picture — added some moss and a spider — instant scary family tree! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream (or Nightmare) Catcher by Joanne Palmisano of Salvage Secrets Design Photo by Joanne Palmisano

Nightmare Catcher!! Old bicycle rim, black and orange yarn and a vintage dollie painted place. Strips of fabric and voila — Halloween wall décor done! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Design

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano

skeleton vase by joanne palmisano

Spooky Skeleton Vase — You can add flowers or a battery candle — just use skeleton cocktail napkins and some decoupage glue! (Make sure to pull the layers of napkin apart first) By Joanne Palmisano

Left over plywood, screws and some orange yarn — that’s it. This skeleton wall hanging is sure to create a fright! By Joanne Palmisano

Most important! HAVE FUN!!




Travel by Design…California, Sonoma County

Vintage Suitcases

Seriously…I love to combine work and play…when I’m traveling I’m always on the look out for cool salvage shops or interesting design ideas, so it is no surprise when visiting my twin sister in California for a little vacation…I squeezed in some work :)

Vintage Suitcases

These vintage suitcase were a gift from my girlfriend, Regina. I cleaned them and shipped them back to Vermont — where they are now proudly displayed. Thank you! Regina!

Seriously, my sister and I ate at the counter at the Fremont Diner in Sonoma, and that was sitting in front of me the whole time! Crazy yummy food. The place is an ICON! You must visit there when you are traveling in Wine Country.

Diner mugs… you gotta love them! This display is something I’ll keep in mind for future kitchen design ideas.

Vintage Ford Explorer Truck Yellow

Just in case, you were wondering what I want for my birthday… a vintage Ford Explorer Truck will do!

This is a fun stop in the town of Sonoma, California. Café Scooteria, where you can drive up and they’ll serve you coffee at your window. Or hang out at the shop — and enjoy it there. Rosanne and I road our bikes there. I mean really who could resist Italian style coffee drive-thru located at a vintage scooter mechanic’s shop? Not us!

Rosanne relaxing, while I check out all the vintage bikes…

Now… work time… yes, you can see we take our work seriously. Rosanne (pictured here) is working on a design project for a villa in wine country so I’m helping out for a couple of days.  Rosanne was making sure, Regina Martinelli, from Martinelle Winery, measured up to helping out for the day as well. Turns out she does. :)

I’ll admit, I haven’t been to a lot of ballgames — but really is there a pretty stadium than AT & T Park in San Francisco? WOW!

2015-08-30 19.49.32

Into the city of San Francisco we go! For a ballgame that is! We were taking our lives in our own hands wearing our St. Louis Cardinal’s gear in the Giant’s stadium. Gorgeous day! Beautiful spot.

Pladra Clothing Line USA

Shopping in San Francisco’s, after a yummy breakfast at … Pladra, a very cool custom flannel clothing line made in San Francisco, has a very cool Pop Up Shop on Hayes Street. Loved their displays. Again… great ideas for a rustic Americana entrance way look!

Bodega Bay…early, early in the morning… surfers, fog and us. Really doesn’t get any better!

When we were not hiking, or doing design work…we were…busy meeting people and drinking their wine — which was outstanding! Here we are having a blast at Buena Vista Winery. I felt like I was back in Italy! The nicest people there — they took such great care of us!

LOVED the private lounge, party area upstairs at Buena Vista — someone rent that out for me for my birthday please! And the Champagne Lounge downstairs was fantastic as well.

Rosanne and I getting a private tour — we were honored! Thanks for making us feel so special. It was a great day.


Artefact Design & Salvage

Rosanne and I shopping at Artefact Design &Salvage in Sonoma…Love their displays and vintage finds… amazing shop for anyone who wants to add something special to their home design.

And Rosanne says I’m the one with the bad sense of direction… Lost again, on the trails through Sonoma… Here is Rosanne showing me the way out.

Once again, hiking in Sonoma, who would have thought an amazing Redwood forest in the middle of wine country

Visiting Martinelli Vineyards…the back side of the vines…gorgeous day! If you have not tried their wines — I insist you run out and get a bottle — my fav — the Pinot Noir.

Here is Rosanne again…this time we stuck to the trail at Bartholomew Winery Park. LOVED the Redwood forest in the middle of the hike. It was a great trail system.

Here I am, helping Rosanne out with her design project. Don’t worry when she comes to see me, she helps me with all my projects as well.

Seriously, I should have picked this up. $20 at Republic of Thrift (benefiting the public schools), a second hand shop in Sonoma. It would have looked so cool framed in a huge frame hung in a living room — Adobe style house… Love all the second hand shops out West!

Being from Vermont — I’m sure you can understand how much I appreciate an amazing Mexican food meal. Here is a hidden gem in Sonoma…El Molino.  The before picture…

2015-08-27 17.22.15


A house for sale in Sonoma comes will all the parts and pieces you could ever want… LOVED this place. Housing hunting with my sister…

The backyard at Artefact Design & Salvage. LOVE the extra large blue industrial pot…looks like an old smeltering pot turned into a garden container. I can see it in a very large sunroom with a huge orange tree growing out of it. The fair wheel is fun too!

Rosanne’s friend… has the original…salt and pepper in old toy trucks… or at least that is where she got the idea, and I got the idea from her… and other’s got the idea from me… and so on and so on…

How happy am I? Craft coming right up!


A DIY Craft I made from my memories of my trip… sand dollars from Bodega Bay. Lots and lots of fun!

I didn’t get here but I will next time! Sonoma Nesting Company and many other interesting places to visit… I’ll be back!





Turn a Kitchen Cabinet Door into a Vintage Sign

The after vintage inspired sign -- easy to make and friendly on your budget!

I’m going to be lazy today — I’ll admit it! But it is such a glorious Saturday here in Vermont that I can’t waste it inside on my computer. So since I just did a great GUEST BLOG POST for Mad River Barn, about how to create a Vintage Sign using a $5 kitchen cabinet door, I thought I’d link over to them and let you see how to do it on their site. Not to mention, you’ll get to see one of my interior design projects as well.

But I’ll tease you with the before and after :)

Happy Summer Weekend! My best, Joanne

The $5 before kitchen cabinet door...

The $5 before kitchen cabinet door…

The after vintage inspired sign -- easy to make and friendly on your budget!

The after vintage inspired sign — easy to make and friendly on your budget!

Anyone else ready for spring?

Even though I spent the weekend enjoying the new snowfall, I have to admit, I’m ready for it to melt away and bring me some green goodness. So in honor of the coming spring, I thought I’d show some spring-like salvage design ideas and projects. Maybe these will help it along… Click on the pictures for LINK THROUGH to how to projects and sites!

Think spring! My best, Joanne

This home was featured in Salvage Secrets Design & Décor. Photo by Susan Teare

TOTeM Salvaged Handbags. I love mine!

DIY NETWORK project. Fun! Fun! Photo by Susan Teare

Another awesome DIY NETWORK project.

Cottage we featured in Salvage Secrets Design & Décor.

DIY NETWORK Container Garden. How to build a raised garden bed DIY.

Mason Jar Projects with Chalk Paint. DIY NETWORK

Jane Coslick Designs always make me happy and thinking spring and summer!

Build your own built in bench. One of the eight DIY NETWORK videos I did.

Update your tile backsplash to happy spring and summer colors. DIY NETWORK HOW TO PROJECT.

Or paint a dresser… DIY NETWORK project. Photo by Susan Teare

Outdoor party… soon! Mason Jar Fun! DIY

Get ready for picnics! Make your own tablecloth weight clips to hold it down the tablecloth on a windy day!

My friend Karin Lidbeck-Brent is one of the most talented folks I know! Here is a photo shoot she did called Setting a Spring Table. Yup! I’m ready for that!

Always a pleasure to be asked by Jim Westphalen to be the stylist on shoots. This one was for Just Paints, Annie Sloan Fabric Line Products. Spring Breakfast is ready!


Amazing Designers and Architects Who Work with Salvage Material

As I sit at my computer researching, writing and scouting places for my next book, Salvage Secrets, Design and Decor, I can’t help but be amazed at the number of incredibly talented people out there.  I’m in awe — truly! Soon, some of them will be sharing their salvage secrets in my next book :) A big thank you! This blog post is in honor of all the designers who dare to work with all things salvaged, old and recycled — thanks for being so adventurous and authentic!  More designers to come…
My Best, Joanne

The salvaged wood-so welcoming! This home by the Design/Build firm Conner and Buck.

Historic romance in this Southwest bathroom by Oz Architects Inc.

This beach front cottage is fun and lively and filled with amazing design by Jane Coslick.

City living never looked so good. Salvage made Glamorous by designer Kelly Giesen.

Unique salvage designs by Erin Martin’s firm are too cool!