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Vegan Cow Hide Rug from Scrap Remnant-Second Hand Saturdays!

So I had some left-over scrap rug from a project I did for DIY NETWORK (which was also a piece of scrap rug) — so basically a scrap of a scrap — take about recycling!  Any-who-haa… I decided to try and make my own cow hide area rug — without the cow or a hide…just a piece of boring tan carpet remnant that I picked up for about $20.  So for your Second Hand Saturday Fun this weekend…make your own Vegan Cow Hide Area Rug!  My best, Joanne

Make your own DIY cow hide area rug from a piece of carpet scrap — remnants are plentiful at your local carpet store-and very affordable!

Layout your scrap remnant carpet on some tarps outside — or in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to stick with a tan, or little brown or little gray, etc.

2013-10-11 13.32.48

I created a pattern with a marker around my rug — I looked up a few options online on what a cow hide rug looks like and printed one out and used it as a guide. I used both a serrated knife and scissors to cut it out — make sure the marker part is cut out or it will show under your spray paint.

You should do the lighter colors first (as you can see I learned that the hard way). And then when your spots are done, you can add some lines between a couple to make it look more natural. I used Simply Spray Upholstery Paint, for most of the colors.

A Cow Hide area rug is just one animal you can mimic — how about Zebra Stripe Rug, or a Tiger, or even Leopard Spots in blue for a kids room? Hmmmmm…. :)





MORE DIY NETWORK PROJECTS, Painted Rug and Dressers!

Thrilled to continue working with DIY NETWORK on online salvaged and repurposed decorating, holiday projects, and home design projects…

Want to see the Step by Step for this Painted Rug? Go to DIY NETWORK!
Can you believe I used Popsicle Sticks for this one!
DIY NETWORK Step by Step Painted Floral Dresser

Geometric Patterns on Furniture is HOT right now! And really fun to make. See how it did it in the DIY NETWORK step by step!

As you may have noticed, I try and do all of my DIY projects with Salvaged and Recycled Materials — showing you how to repurposing everything. Three of my latest projects just went live: a stripe painted rug, a retro flower dresser and a geometric patterned dresser! What to do with a rug remnant? How about paint some stripes on it with Simply Spray Upholstery Paint! Or old dressers…which can be found at second hand shops everywhere…instantly turn them funky, retro, vintage, Bohemian, even a Moroccan, with just a bit of paint and imagination. Big thank you to Susan Teare for the final pictures.

My Best,

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