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19 Halloween DĂ©cor, DIYs, Ideas…Simple, Easy and Affordable!

Halloween Projects

I love Halloween…I’m not sure if it’s the crisp fall weather, the smell of the leaves on the ground, or the opportunity to scare little wee ones who come to the door looking for a treat. So of course, I go a little crazy with DIY decorating projects-some scary and some not so scary. Here are 19 simple, easy projects you can create yourself. Some of them I have created for DIY NETWORK, so I’ll link them to their HOW-TO step by steps and some I just made for this Halloween and are so simple, just looking at the picture, you’ll know what to do!  Happy Halloween!

My scariest wishes, Joanne

Want a glamorous Halloween party — look no further than this silver lighted pumpkin topiary… Photo by Susan Teare, Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK


Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving — the pumpkin topiary with natural looking white pumpkins, is perfect for a fall harvest fronth porch display.

30 minutes…black paint and a carpet remnant and you have created a spooky Halloween welcome mate. Photography by Susan Teare. Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK.

Your very own creepy simple and kid friendly! DIY NETWORK project. Click the picture for the step by step.

Halloween Walkway Laterns from old Picture Frames for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo by Susan Teare

This is still one of my favorite Halloween projects I’ve made for DIY NETWORK. What a great way to light up your walkway for the trick or treaters…old picture frames, vintage prints and some candles. See the step by step. Lanterns.

Have only a few minutes before your Halloween party guests arrive? Grab an old frame, some yarn, spiders and voila — instant Welcome sign.

Make your own spooky Halloween bar for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets Design, Photo by Susan Teare

YUP!! Love making Halloween bars—especially ones that serve TRUTH SERUM!!

This pumpkin topiary might give you the shivers! It looks like a three story spider condo with the momma spider ready to pounce!

Retro Cheveron Pattern Pumpkin Topiary for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo Susan Teare

Get retro for Halloween — this painted pumpkin topiary — is fun and easy to create!

Design by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK. For Halloween turn your house into a scary inn with this sign!

I made this fun Halloween mirror with spiders with my nieces…great project with kids. Click picture for an older blog post on the step by step.

Faux Pumpkin Bonfire…a must for any Halloween or Fall Harvest Party! Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK

halloween yarn wrapped recycled bottles joanne palmisano salvage secrets design

I can’t just sit around — so I found some old bottles and jars, and used some left over yarn and created this Halloween table display dĂ©cor pieces. Bring as a gift to a party or line the center of the table with them! Hot glue and some time is all you need!


Floral Pumpkin Topiary — made with coffee filters… Halloween and Fall Entrance Way display.

Vine Wreath made simple — paint it black — add some spiders!! I loved making this project. So simple. Start with a floral wooden wreath form. By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Creepy Family Picture by Joanne Palmisano

Printed out a vintage family picture — added some moss and a spider — instant scary family tree! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream (or Nightmare) Catcher by Joanne Palmisano of Salvage Secrets Design Photo by Joanne Palmisano

Nightmare Catcher!! Old bicycle rim, black and orange yarn and a vintage dollie painted place. Strips of fabric and voila — Halloween wall dĂ©cor done! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Design

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano

skeleton vase by joanne palmisano

Spooky Skeleton Vase — You can add flowers or a battery candle — just use skeleton cocktail napkins and some decoupage glue! (Make sure to pull the layers of napkin apart first) By Joanne Palmisano

Left over plywood, screws and some orange yarn — that’s it. This skeleton wall hanging is sure to create a fright! By Joanne Palmisano

Most important! HAVE FUN!!




How to Make an Easy Holiday Snowman Ornament (DIY CRAFT)

Chatting with a friend today, we both shared how much we crave the part of the holidays that have more to do with hanging out together than finding parking spaces at the mall. So here is a fun and easy craft of some scrap reclaimed wood pieces, craft paints, and a little left over wire that will bring you all together. First ingredient…gather your kids, your parents, your friends, and make some hot cocoa. Then hand them each a little paint brush, and while you make your handmade snowman ornaments, chat about all the amazing Holiday and Christmas stories of your past. I think you’ll find, that they are about being together. Happy Crafting to all and to all a good night! My best, Joanne

These cuties can go on the tree as an ornament, the door knobs, or even as part of your holiday wrapping.

I used a piece of old picket fencing. Made sure it was clean and dry. You can use pieces of trim or other wood as well.

Using craft paints, and little brushes, make the circles for the snowman first.

Then fill in the centers, let dry and add the details — like the buttons, nose, scarf, hat and if you want, arms.

Using upholstery tacks, and some copper wire, I hammered in the tacks and wrapped the wire around them. You can add a dab of glue in the hole before you hammer it in if you want.

Look how cute this snowman looks hanging on the door to my guest bathroom. Have fun making these ornaments with your kids, friends and family!

Second Hand Saturday: Baked Clay Monogrammed Tags

Okay…it’s officially bitter cold out and has been crazy weather for a little bit — so my craft idea for Second Hand Saturdays is near the oven :)  These tags made from clay that you can bake (easy craft store find)and  are so simple to make. They would be a great Valentine’s gift for your child’s schoolmates or just for fun for a necklace or even a tag for your key chain. Or even, make some for wine glass drink tags for your friends.  Have fun and stay warm! My best, Joanne

Add a metal chain for a necklace, a ring for keys or even some twine or wire for a backpack tag, or mini flashlight. Have fun!

Gather the clay pieces, a rolling pin, wax paper, lettered stamps, a butter knife, a wooden skewer and a baking sheet. Then preheat the oven to 250 degrees or the temperature that the clay package suggests.


Cut a chunk of your clay — depends on the size you want your tag — you may have to play with a couple to get the size right.

Roll in your hands to form a ball.

Roll it out a little bit with the rolling pin — couple times each way — like pizza dough.

Then use the skewer to create a hole near the top of the clay tag.

Then press in the letter you want.


Transfer them to a baking sheet and back at 250 for about 30-40 minutes (or according to the package directions) and let cool for an hour before you handle.


DIY NETWORK Rainy Day Crafts for Kids and Adults

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LOVED making these projects: sunburst photo display, handmade soaps in jewelry boxes, mini herb garden from old clementine box and duct tape and Washi tape bracelets for DIY NETWORK. For step by step instructions head over the DIY NETWORK page Rainy Day Crafts!

Please remember to PIN them on PINTEREST so others can make them too!

Thank you! Joanne

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