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How to Make an Easy Holiday Snowman Ornament (DIY CRAFT)

Chatting with a friend today, we both shared how much we crave the part of the holidays that have more to do with hanging out together than finding parking spaces at the mall. So here is a fun and easy craft of some scrap reclaimed wood pieces, craft paints, and a little left over wire that will bring you all together. First ingredient…gather your kids, your parents, your friends, and make some hot cocoa. Then hand them each a little paint brush, and while you make your handmade snowman ornaments, chat about all the amazing Holiday and Christmas stories of your past. I think you’ll find, that they are about being together. Happy Crafting to all and to all a good night! My best, Joanne

These cuties can go on the tree as an ornament, the door knobs, or even as part of your holiday wrapping.

I used a piece of old picket fencing. Made sure it was clean and dry. You can use pieces of trim or other wood as well.

Using craft paints, and little brushes, make the circles for the snowman first.

Then fill in the centers, let dry and add the details — like the buttons, nose, scarf, hat and if you want, arms.

Using upholstery tacks, and some copper wire, I hammered in the tacks and wrapped the wire around them. You can add a dab of glue in the hole before you hammer it in if you want.

Look how cute this snowman looks hanging on the door to my guest bathroom. Have fun making these ornaments with your kids, friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You To You All

I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of, or supporting my book (and the next one coming out), my blog and my DIY NETWORK projects, including the videos.  It has been a fun and busy year. I’ve meet lots of new people — all of them amazing, talented and passionate about what they do. 
My family and friends has been the most supportive group ever — even though I’ve been MIA a fair amount. Thank you!  I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  I’ll be home with mine making recycled craft ideas — of course :)  My Best, Joanne


My Wreath Won!

So excited that one of my holiday wreaths I made for DIY NETWORK won the Great Wreath Rivalry :)  Here are the wreaths I’ve done recently. Maybe you can make one for your holiday season!
Thank you all for voting for one of my wreaths.  My Best Joanne

The Holidays are Here: Wreaths, Stockings and more!

So many exciting things happening on DIY NETWORK. First…DIY NETWORK’s- Great Wreath Rivalry. Three of my wreaths are in the running! Vote for your fav by 11/16 and try to win $100!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER — VERY EASY! My 3 wreaths: White Wire, Upcycled Bicycle Rim and of course, the Picket Fence Wreath you see here :)  Good luck — hope you win the $100!
Here are the step by step instructions on DIY NETWORK

Second…my Vintage Holiday Door Sign “Joy” is getting tons of hits on Pinterest, Facebook, my Blog and of course, DIY NETWORK, which is who I made the wreath for last Christmas season.  It is still a great project to do in a day-so check out the step by steps.
Third…This year’s DIY NETWORK PROJECTS…RETRO GLAM! Check them out on their site and make your own retro holiday displays.

Yes, that is a vintage GI JOE :) 


LOVE the Disco Ball Snowman — really fun!

Peace Sign Ornament and Recycled Frames with a Chevron Pattern — easy to make!
Putting it all together — recycled glass from Goodwill filled with candles, funky sticks and flowers.

This year!  RETRO Glam for the holidays — think purple, white shag and disco balls and you have got it!  They are live on DIY NETWORK.  Big thank you to Tina for your help and Susan Teare for the awesome final pictures!!

Thank you for following my blog!  I’ll be in touch again soon.  Want to share some great salvage - recycled - repurposed - upcycled holiday gift giving, making and finding ideas.  My best, Joanne