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Preparing for a Garage Sale and Deciding What to Sell

I’m sure we all get spring clean-out fever- of course, mine doesn’t usually hit until summer when I start seeing all the garage sales and realize…I should have one of these. 

If you do decide to have a garage or yard sale then you should read these three articles for preparing for a sale. I found them helpful — of course, now, I just have to part with a few things :)

So this morning I walked around the house and decided whether some things should stay or go…

I love these vintage green jars I picked up at Sweet Salvage in Phoenix.  The coffee pot — a must! 

I love going to the recycle shop and finding something really cool — like an entire stack of oil paintings, the lilac painting is one of my favorites. The elephants, my husband made when he was twelve years old. How adorable is that :).

I thought about getting rid of this old box — but it is so handy to store all my oils and vinegars.  Hmmmm….

I don’t know what my deal is — but I love antique and vintage metal toy trucks. The big one I just picked up at Brimfield at the Tweet Up.  Maybe instead of getting rid of mine (which I use for salt and pepper holders) I can just slow my buying down :)

This is the top of an old table in my sunroom.  Very cool collage of vintage canvas paintings. 

What do you think? Keep?  I mean, they feel like they are part of the family. These sea shell owls watch over the living room.

An old box with the word FARM — I can’t get rid of this!

Vintage jewelry, handmade artisan jewelry from friends, gifts from my husband — is it worth keeping -I think so!

Sometimes I get rid of things and then later go — darn — I should have kept that.  I’m thinking these are two of those items. 

A vase from a Venice, Italy flea market, rocks my nieces found on the beach and a large pottery vase from a friend while she was styling my house for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  All great memories.  I think they’ll stay.

How cute are these daisy glasses?  Bought them at two different locations-antique shop and second hand shop.

Okay, maybe next year… :)  But I’m happy to stop by yours and pick up a few cool things.
My Best,