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TOP 20 Food Trucks in United States-Smithsonian Magazine

When you stop by Lardo in Portland Oregon, tell Rick…Joanne says hi!

I know, I know, I usually talk about salvage but I’m thrilled to share my friend, Rick Gencarelli’s food cart, Lardo, is one of the top twenty food cart-trucks in the nation according to Smithsonian Magazine.  His food is amazing. I still remember the pulled pork sandwiches he made at his house before they moved from Vermont to Oregon-YUM!

Not only is he one of the authors (the other is Melissa Pasanen) of Cooking with Shelburne Farms (one of my favorite places in the world) but he is a really nice guy with an amazing family. When visiting Portland, Oregon to salvage shop, scout homes for my salvage book and make DIY projects with my twin sister and best friend, Shannon, I always make it a point to head to his cart.  Congrats Rick!  See if one of these twenty are in your area. They are great to stop at and fuel up while you are out junking!
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