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DIY: Make Your Own Unique Greeting Cards: Bigfoot on Vintage Music Sheets

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DIY EASY BLANK CARD PROJECT…that will make you smile.

Everyone know I have a thing for Bigfoot (well…now everyone knows) so I printed a few from images online onto vellum type paper and cut them out. I cut and glued (I just used a glue stick) the music sheets (pick through the pile for fun titles) to the front of the blank card and then cut and pasted the Sasquatch on top. I stacked them all between wax paper and put a bunch of books on top for overnight to make sure they stuck together and stayed flat. Not sure who I’m going to write a note too on my handmade cards, but at least they will get a kick out of the card when they get it :)  Another confirmed sighting!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather so I pulled out the box of vintage music sheets my brother gave me (knowing I love old things), some blank cards and envelopes and decided to create some fun cards while hanging out with a cup of tea.

My best, Joanne

Making Cards

I take a lot of pictures — a few of them are kinda fun — I’m not a professional — but that doesn’t stop me. :) So for my thank you cards and note cards I create handmade photo cards from things that have inspired me over the year. You can find blank recycled paper cards online or a crafting store near you and just use a glue stick to attach. Here are few of the pictures I’ve used for cards this year…

Bowl of vintage crystals from chandeliers I saw at an antique show.

Painted British Flag Dresser at the Barn House Sale.

Flowers at Cannon Beach Oregon — so bright!

Farmer’s Market Flowers

Business card holder for an antique’s dealer.

Aprons at a B&B at Mt. Hood.

Lighting display at the same Bed and Breakfast.

Gmone in a friend’s garden. One of my favorite pictures.
I also love packaging a few handmade photo cards with twine and giving them as hostess gifts. On the back of the cards I write the place, date and information about the picture — making it very personal.