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Book Shelves, Repurposed, Reclaimed and Antique

I’m in the middle of a home remodel project for DIY NETWORK (can’t wait to tell you more about it) and I need to think about book shelves.  So as per usual, I get up early, make a cup of coffee and peruse the Internet. Images of recycled wood shelves with piping and old crates dance in my head. I already have an idea of what my design is going to look like but it’s really fun to see how creative people can get with do-it-yourself bookshelf projects, plus I like to see what retail furniture companies are selling with reclaimed materials (keep up the good work - I hope more will follow in your footsteps). And of course, I always have to check out the vintage and antique pieces, sometimes they don’t fit in the project’s budget but I love to know the history and get a feel for the designs, so I can understand the era I’m working with. Here are just a few of my early morning finds…
My Best, Joanne

Anthropologie has lots of bookcases and shelving made from reclaimed wood and metal.

Here is an antique piece from the 1880’s. I love to think about what life must have been like in this home. I’m sure sitting in my workout pants, hair in a bun, downing coffee like it will be my last cup would not be an option in those days :)

Not totally done, but I had to show it to you because this is the closest to my idea for the room I’m working on.  I love their comments along the way as well. This is on, Is This a House Yet? blog. Very fun. 

Love the color and I’ll admit, the easy of this bookshelf system on Remodeloholic.  Sigh. But, alas, not the style of the house I’m working on now. Someday…

The colors are so cool. This reclaimed wood sideboard bookshelf will look great in my Caribbean home — okay, I don’t have a Caribbean home, but everyone says a positive attitude is the first step.

Look at this piece! Need I say more. Restoration Hardware does it again.

Clever, Clever, Clever! I love to see designers make these great unusual pieces. Kudos to you, Campanas! Check out the blog post on Inhabitat.

Plumber’s metal piping and some boards and voila — instant bookshelves. This Apartment Therapy post about a house in New York shows all sorts of great salvage ideas (including the table in this picture).