Refreshing Changes…Updating Your Rental Property, Inn, Restaurant and Home

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As I happily run around trying to finish up two great design projects — a burger/grill restaurant and an advertising agency’s creative offices, I realize how much I love working with clients who want to bring unique design to their spaces. Many of my clients budgets are snug so we need to be creative with what we have and our design ideas — which I think is one of the best things about my job!

With simple and/or moderate changes, the properties I work with become fresh and inviting without losing their character or branding, which made them unique in the first place. So, keeping your design in line with your branding, the property’s architecture and the surrounding community, will help you think about how you can create stunning spaces that your guests will be thrilled with.

Since I specialize in budget-conscious residential rental properties, small inn, restaurants, and resort projects, I know how to use what’s already there- to its best advantage as well as finding affordable, unique pieces and design ideas.

So here are a few of my recent projects (before and after pictures) that prove, with some changes (and some larger ones) you can bring your make some changes for the new year!

The words that go with the pictures are part of my printed portfolio — so they are hard to read on the website — sorry about that.

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renovation of bar pub vermont joanne palmisano

closet bar modern and hip joanne palmisano


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Update your AirBnB rental would be so simple! A few changes and you can stand out!

Update your AirBnB rental would be so simple! A few changes and you can stand out!

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