Four Reminders This Holiday Season

things to remember this holiday season

As I bustle through the holidays I’m reminded about four simple things that are important to me and they always bring my heartrate down and allow me to bask in the joy of the season.

1. I’m so lucky for my family — these FAMILY PICTURE DIY HOLIDAY Coasters I made for my husband are a constant reminder of how lucky we are. They also remind me how important recycling is — and how much fun it is to make homemade gifts.

2. That I get to do what I love for work — and many times I get to work with friends-is truly a blessing! Here I am assisting my dear friend Karin — stylist extraordinaire — at my close friends, Kim & Cliff’s incredible house — for Traditional Home Magazine. Photography, John Bessler, was not only fun to work with, but did an incredible job. Styling, DIYing, Writing, Speaking and Designing — I love them all and am honored that my passions are also my work.

3. I’m reminded during the crazy “sales”, “get this”, “get that” days that it really doesn’t take much to make us happy- and if we just remember that — we can enjoy ourselves a lot more during the holidays.  Gabrielle’s own cardboard sleigh is a reminder of simpler times.

4. I’m lucky where I live. Yes, there are days that the winter feels long — but how amazing I live in a place that has four distinct seasons and each one is beautiful in their own right.

What are your FOUR Things?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

My best,




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