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Turn a Kitchen Cabinet Door into a Vintage Sign

The after vintage inspired sign -- easy to make and friendly on your budget!

I’m going to be lazy today — I’ll admit it! But it is such a glorious Saturday here in Vermont that I can’t waste it inside on my computer. So since I just did a great GUEST BLOG POST for Mad River Barn, about how to create a Vintage Sign using a $5 kitchen cabinet door, I thought I’d link over to them and let you see how to do it on their site. Not to mention, you’ll get to see one of my interior design projects as well.

But I’ll tease you with the before and after :)

Happy Summer Weekend! My best, Joanne

The $5 before kitchen cabinet door...

The $5 before kitchen cabinet door…

The after vintage inspired sign -- easy to make and friendly on your budget!

The after vintage inspired sign — easy to make and friendly on your budget!

Rope Flower Vases, Second Hand Saturdays DIY Project

One of my favorite things to do is DIY’s with new friends. So as my husband gets ready for an overnight sailing race, I pull out all the old sailing lines and left-over ropes we have at home for a fun Workshop at Basin Harbor Club.  I think people underestimate the power of doing a craft together and how much in can calm the soul and bring your stress level down. So here is another fun Second Hand Saturday’s DIY idea for you to try. Enjoy!

Stunning Recycled Glass Rope Vases. These are Marcia and Hailey’s creations from the craft workshop at Basin Harbor Club. What a blast.

Instead of throwing your plastic jars, cans and glass into the recycling bin, wash them well and put them in your craft closet!

Hailey really took her time to have this recycled craft turn out perfect for her mom. She used old recycled sailing line and slowing hot glued in the rope onto the jar. I showed her how to make sure the glue didn’t stick out between the rope by placing it on the inside edge of the rope and the glass and then pushing the next piece of rope up onto it on down.

Everyone is concentrating hard. I can feel the tension and stress fly out of the room — crafts are really therapeutic!

recycled jar vases

Look how creative you can get with recycled cans and jars. Twine, yarn, sticks and rope — and you can make an amazing cottage style table setting!

I’d love to see you finished recycled jar flower vases when your done.  Look around — what do you have that you can decorate a jar with? Buttons, ribbon, rope, corks, duck tape, twine, stickers…slimy plastic worms :)  My best, Joanne



DIY! Give Plain Denim Jeans a Stylish Designer Look Using Fabric Paint and a Vintage Doily as a Stencil

Thank you to my friend (and amazing photographer) Susan Teare, for taking this picture of me in my Do-It-Yourself Designer Jeans. I “upgraded” these second hand denim pants by using a vintage doily and some blue fabric paint. I get so many complements on my fun jeans, I thought I’d share this easy “Second Hand Saturdays” clothing craft with you! Give this craft project a whirl!  Let me know how it turns out. My best, Joanne

I picked up these jeans at Goodwill and decided to give them a facelift. After washing and drying them, and ironing them, I laid them out flat on a painter’s tarp.

Using a flat sponge, blue fabric paint and an old doily, I pressed the paint into the doily. I think white paint would look fabulous too! Or even white jeans with tan paint…all sorts of choices!

DIY Doily Stenciled Pants by Joanne Palmisano

Position the paint against the jeans,giving yourself a random pattern, with some of the doily going off the edge or onto the other side of the jeans. The doily will get soaked through with paint after a couple of times, so you might want to use rubber gloves. Rinse off the doily and let dry before you start on the other side to make sure the pattern is still crisp and not too soaked down with paint.

Once placed, press firmly down to make sure the pattern shows up on the jeans. Slowly peel off then add more paint to the doily and place it once again on the jeans. Let each side dry completely before turning the jeans over and doing the back side. Have Fun!

Vegan Cow Hide Rug from Scrap Remnant-Second Hand Saturdays!

So I had some left-over scrap rug from a project I did for DIY NETWORK (which was also a piece of scrap rug) — so basically a scrap of a scrap — take about recycling!  Any-who-haa… I decided to try and make my own cow hide area rug — without the cow or a hide…just a piece of boring tan carpet remnant that I picked up for about $20.  So for your Second Hand Saturday Fun this weekend…make your own Vegan Cow Hide Area Rug!  My best, Joanne

Make your own DIY cow hide area rug from a piece of carpet scrap — remnants are plentiful at your local carpet store-and very affordable!

Layout your scrap remnant carpet on some tarps outside — or in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to stick with a tan, or little brown or little gray, etc.

2013-10-11 13.32.48

I created a pattern with a marker around my rug — I looked up a few options online on what a cow hide rug looks like and printed one out and used it as a guide. I used both a serrated knife and scissors to cut it out — make sure the marker part is cut out or it will show under your spray paint.

You should do the lighter colors first (as you can see I learned that the hard way). And then when your spots are done, you can add some lines between a couple to make it look more natural. I used Simply Spray Upholstery Paint, for most of the colors.

A Cow Hide area rug is just one animal you can mimic — how about Zebra Stripe Rug, or a Tiger, or even Leopard Spots in blue for a kids room? Hmmmmm…. :)





Keep on Trucking: Second Hand Saturdays!

My twin sister had some little old metal trucks on her kitchen island with salt and pepper in them — and I totally fell in love.  Now I try and pick up old metal trucks everywhere I go and do some fun stuff with them as well. And I love to see what others do as well — have some fun this coming weekend for a Second Hand Saturdays project, making your vintage metal car fun! My best, Joanne

I picked up this truck at Brimfield last year. Perfect for picnics, holding flowers, silverware or a kids party. Photo by Susan Teare


My tables version of  salt and pepper shakers — finding old toy trucks with dump or loader type backs is a little harder than the regular cars-but worth the search.

Here is a fun design by Add some whimsy to your front porch.


vintage trucks 025

Love this vintage truck turned holiday joy from the Tin and Sparkle blogspot! So much fun. I love the suitcase tied to the top of the truck and the presents inside — very clever!

And the folks at Antiques and Fine Art prove — using old trucks in your design and decor does not have to be (or look) crafty! What a gorgeous visual display!


But if you do want to get crafty — you can even make an old metal truck your craft organizer like the one here from Just Something I Made blog. Have fun with it whatever you choose to do :)



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