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Before and After, Interior Design with Salvage Touches at Mad River Barn

Who doesn’t love a good before and after story? I know I do! SO… without further ado… and a room at a time… I’ll share with you the details of Heather and Andrew Lynds, Mad River Barn project.  It truly is a story!  I’ll start with the bathrooms today… My best, Joanne

Here is where it all started…the old bathrooms. Inefficient toilets, outdated and energy sucking fixtures, tired and rotting floors and tub/showers… What to do, what to do…

As we all know, in construction projects, sometimes you don’t know how bad the issues are until you pull the room apart. Heather, Andrew and the building team, Birdseye Builders, reconstructed every single bathroom down to the new studs, flooring and wall systems, new plumbing, efficiency utilities, better ventilating…etc. All the back stuff you never see — but is even more important than the final design (I’ll only say that once!).

Once we all worked on the basic layout together, with the architect, Jim, the construction crew was busy rebuilding and I was busy designing the space, the look and what to do with the stuff that was pulled out.


As you all know, I hate to see anything go to waste, so all the sinks, tubs, lighting fixtures, curtains, rods, towels bars, etc… What we didn’t put back in the project, wood, beams, piping… whatever could be donated was — blankets, curtains, lights, you name it! It was donated to both the Rebuild Center, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. That always feels good!

The wood that was pulled from the building was ready for my vanity idea!

So what do I do — I turn around after donating our sinks, I pick up different recycled sinks at the rebuild center-it took a couple of months of searching to find them all but the price was right — about $5-20 each.

Then I had Andrew and Heather (who busted their butts throughout the project — day and night, working along side the crew) drop off all the metal piping that Andrew found in the woods behind the building, to my neighbors house. I can’t believe he dragged them all out-but once I saw them, I knew we’d use every last piece…starting with the vanities, then working our way to the pub with them.

In comes my talented neighbor and friend, Brett. Honestly, I could not have done this project without him. A trade show and theater booth builder and artist, he was willing to take my crazy drawings and ideas and make the custom salvaged wood vanities happen!

So using the old wood, recycled sink and salvaged piping, he created these amazing masterpieces for each bathroom (12 in all). They have been sealed like crazy for the commercial environment they are in.

Then the shower went in — who doesn’t love the simplicity of subway tiles. Classic!

Then of course, we added the details — more reclaimed vintage barn wood and vintage hooks I picked up at Brimfield Antique Fair.

And for the final touch! A real turkey feeder — turned into a light fixture and made UL certified by Conant Metal and Light. The tile that looks like reclaimed wood came from Best Tile, and the Kohler oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and curtain rod — came from the amazing folks at Lowe’s- who I’ve come to adore! Ohhh… and the toliet paper holder is made from salvaged copper pipes that came out of the building and the trash bucket is an old maple bucket :)  Thanks Susan Teare for taking the AFTER Pictures of the Project.

Reclaimed wood Bathroom Vanity

The mirrors were custom made by Portland Glass (fabulous folks) And of course, the fun ransom style note that tells you if you want to keep your towel to hang it up on the hooks :) A little humor is important.

Just to remind you what they used to look like. :)






Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanities…Mad River Barn Coming Together

Coming together at the Mad River Barn are the new (and recycled) bathrooms.  Hope you enjoy these process shots of the bathrooms. Can’t wait to show you final results — included the recycled parts we are using for the toilet paper holders, towel hooks and light fixtures! Thanks for following the MAD RIVER BARN project! :)  Hope it’s Inn…spirational!  (I know… I couldn’t help it).  My best, Joanne

These were the bathrooms before renovation started. They were in need of updating as well as lots of repair — water damage…all the things that come with time and lots of use! You will be happy to know that everything that could be was recycled!

Some of the pieces ready for a pick up from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

behind the scenes

As you can see, everything had to come down and after was rebuilt back up with the latest energy efficient technology and water resistant material.

And back up it goes!

This is just a handful of all the reclaimed barn wood that was saved from the barn and the farmhouse. I think we will come close to using it all in this project! Some of it was reused in the making of the vanities.

Even the galvanized pipes found behind the barn are being reused. Heather and Andrew, the owners of the Inn, are nonstop when it comes to making this project happen. Here they are unloading the metal pipes which Brett (my friend, neighbor and amazing artisan) will cut and make for legs for the vanities.

The circle of life…Heather and Andrew donated the old sinks, faucets, towel bars, etc…and I shopped around at the Rebuild Center in Burlington and the ReStore in Williston and picked up recycled sinks I wanted to use in the vanities. I like using white sinks, toilets and tubs in bathrooms — they stand the test of time.

Brett is working away in his garage/workshop on the vanities — using the recycled sinks I picked up. Thanks Brett for all your help!


The test run in the driveway of the workshop. Looking good so far.  A few more coats of sealer…


Dave, plumbing up the showers.


Checking out how the vanities will look in the bathrooms….oohhhhh…getting there! Thanks Dave for the peace sign :) Need to add the back splash and faucet and we are almost done — soon you’ll see the whole room put together!  I can’t wait.




HOW TO VIDEOS: Build Your Own Farm House Table, Update Your Fireplace, Build a Mudroom Wall for Hooks and Make a Bathroom Vanity From a Vintage Dresser

I am thrilled and honored to share with you my first DIY NETWORK VIDEOS! A BIG THANK YOU to Peter at DIY NETWORK, Patti, Rob, Harlem, Missy, Beecher, Dave, Angela, Skippy Michael, Phil and the rest of the gang at Filmshack. Dave and the folks at Mason Brother Architectural Salvage, and everyone at the ReBuild Center, plus my talented friends, Tina and Shannon, who helped so much and many, many other amazing individuals and companies.  It was a busy, crazy, fun experience. There are still 4 more videos coming! Hope you enjoy the transformations! Let me know what you think!
And on to the show(s)…


Video on How to Make Your Own Farm House Dining Table Out of Reclaimed Wood and Posts


Salvage Mantel and Surround! Repurposed Fireplace Video



Video on How to Add Salvaged Wood to Make a Great Mudroom. An  easy way to add storage and hanging space in your entrance way!



Update Your Bathroom Vanity with a Recycled Dresser Video

Book Shelves, Repurposed, Reclaimed and Antique

I’m in the middle of a home remodel project for DIY NETWORK (can’t wait to tell you more about it) and I need to think about book shelves.  So as per usual, I get up early, make a cup of coffee and peruse the Internet. Images of recycled wood shelves with piping and old crates dance in my head. I already have an idea of what my design is going to look like but it’s really fun to see how creative people can get with do-it-yourself bookshelf projects, plus I like to see what retail furniture companies are selling with reclaimed materials (keep up the good work - I hope more will follow in your footsteps). And of course, I always have to check out the vintage and antique pieces, sometimes they don’t fit in the project’s budget but I love to know the history and get a feel for the designs, so I can understand the era I’m working with. Here are just a few of my early morning finds…
My Best, Joanne

Anthropologie has lots of bookcases and shelving made from reclaimed wood and metal.

Here is an antique piece from the 1880’s. I love to think about what life must have been like in this home. I’m sure sitting in my workout pants, hair in a bun, downing coffee like it will be my last cup would not be an option in those days :)

Not totally done, but I had to show it to you because this is the closest to my idea for the room I’m working on.  I love their comments along the way as well. This is on, Is This a House Yet? blog. Very fun. 

Love the color and I’ll admit, the easy of this bookshelf system on Remodeloholic.  Sigh. But, alas, not the style of the house I’m working on now. Someday…

The colors are so cool. This reclaimed wood sideboard bookshelf will look great in my Caribbean home — okay, I don’t have a Caribbean home, but everyone says a positive attitude is the first step.

Look at this piece! Need I say more. Restoration Hardware does it again.

Clever, Clever, Clever! I love to see designers make these great unusual pieces. Kudos to you, Campanas! Check out the blog post on Inhabitat.

Plumber’s metal piping and some boards and voila — instant bookshelves. This Apartment Therapy post about a house in New York shows all sorts of great salvage ideas (including the table in this picture).

Repurposing Old Dresser for Cool Mudroom Design Storage!

Happy Friday everyone.  It’s finally snowing here -Yippee!  Which is perfect timing to show off another great DIY NETWORK project… MUDROOM STORAGE to help store all those hats and mittens. A special thanks to all my DIY Network pals for publishing my lastest DIY project, “How to Turn an Old Dresser Into Mudroom Storage.”  It looks fabulous and the family whose mudroom it is-they use it all the time. Check out the step by step instructions on how you can turn an old recycled dresser into a fabulous mudroom storage piece. 
Below is another great DIY NETWORK project for those of us who aren’t going to play in the snow and are thinking BEACH! Check out the many how-to COFFEE TABLES ideas they have, including my design…a SHADOW BOX COFFEE TABLE.
Big thank you to Susan Teare for taking these pictures.
My Best, Joanne

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