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19 Halloween Décor, DIYs, Ideas…Simple, Easy and Affordable!

Halloween Projects

I love Halloween…I’m not sure if it’s the crisp fall weather, the smell of the leaves on the ground, or the opportunity to scare little wee ones who come to the door looking for a treat. So of course, I go a little crazy with DIY decorating projects-some scary and some not so scary. Here are 19 simple, easy projects you can create yourself. Some of them I have created for DIY NETWORK, so I’ll link them to their HOW-TO step by steps and some I just made for this Halloween and are so simple, just looking at the picture, you’ll know what to do!  Happy Halloween!

My scariest wishes, Joanne

Want a glamorous Halloween party — look no further than this silver lighted pumpkin topiary… Photo by Susan Teare, Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK


Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving — the pumpkin topiary with natural looking white pumpkins, is perfect for a fall harvest fronth porch display.

30 minutes…black paint and a carpet remnant and you have created a spooky Halloween welcome mate. Photography by Susan Teare. Project by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK.

Your very own creepy simple and kid friendly! DIY NETWORK project. Click the picture for the step by step.

Halloween Walkway Laterns from old Picture Frames for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo by Susan Teare

This is still one of my favorite Halloween projects I’ve made for DIY NETWORK. What a great way to light up your walkway for the trick or treaters…old picture frames, vintage prints and some candles. See the step by step. Lanterns.

Have only a few minutes before your Halloween party guests arrive? Grab an old frame, some yarn, spiders and voila — instant Welcome sign.

Make your own spooky Halloween bar for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets Design, Photo by Susan Teare

YUP!! Love making Halloween bars—especially ones that serve TRUTH SERUM!!

This pumpkin topiary might give you the shivers! It looks like a three story spider condo with the momma spider ready to pounce!

Retro Cheveron Pattern Pumpkin Topiary for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Photo Susan Teare

Get retro for Halloween — this painted pumpkin topiary — is fun and easy to create!

Design by Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK. For Halloween turn your house into a scary inn with this sign!

I made this fun Halloween mirror with spiders with my nieces…great project with kids. Click picture for an older blog post on the step by step.

Faux Pumpkin Bonfire…a must for any Halloween or Fall Harvest Party! Joanne Palmisano for DIY NETWORK

halloween yarn wrapped recycled bottles joanne palmisano salvage secrets design

I can’t just sit around — so I found some old bottles and jars, and used some left over yarn and created this Halloween table display décor pieces. Bring as a gift to a party or line the center of the table with them! Hot glue and some time is all you need!


Floral Pumpkin Topiary — made with coffee filters… Halloween and Fall Entrance Way display.

Vine Wreath made simple — paint it black — add some spiders!! I loved making this project. So simple. Start with a floral wooden wreath form. By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Creepy Family Picture by Joanne Palmisano

Printed out a vintage family picture — added some moss and a spider — instant scary family tree! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream (or Nightmare) Catcher by Joanne Palmisano of Salvage Secrets Design Photo by Joanne Palmisano

Nightmare Catcher!! Old bicycle rim, black and orange yarn and a vintage dollie painted place. Strips of fabric and voila — Halloween wall décor done! By Joanne Palmisano

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets Design

Halloween Dream Catcher by Joanne Palmisano

skeleton vase by joanne palmisano

Spooky Skeleton Vase — You can add flowers or a battery candle — just use skeleton cocktail napkins and some decoupage glue! (Make sure to pull the layers of napkin apart first) By Joanne Palmisano

Left over plywood, screws and some orange yarn — that’s it. This skeleton wall hanging is sure to create a fright! By Joanne Palmisano

Most important! HAVE FUN!!




DIY Network Project goes Viral!

So excited when DIY Network let me know that one of my projects for them went viral (that’s the only type of virus I like to get). As of a week ago, there were over a FEW MILLION page views! WOW!  With over 175 projects, I’m hoping we’ll catch another bug!

How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames was the project that went viral! I’ve also added some other fun summer DIY projects for you to check out that you can help go viral by pinning, sharing and tweeting :)

Have fun!  CLICK on the picture to link to project!  My best, Joanne

Screenshot 2015-06-01 08.38.24


How to Paint and Decoupage a Dresser

This patriotic wreath made from driftwood was a ton of fun to make for the Fourth of July.

Light up your party with some mason jars hanging from the trees.

Time to hang out on the sun porch and this easy to build bench will help you do that. Watch this short video on how to create it!

Love this headboard I made for DIY NETWORK out of reclaimed wood pieces. The picture is of my husband and daughter sailing! Perfect summer headboard!


This is one of my favorite transformation. This carpet remnant is now a stunning area rug. Easy to make!

These log slices came from a tree that was dying in our yard. With old office chair bases, these logs became instant coffee tables in my house.

Time to start collecting your seashells and adding them to your shadow box coffee table. Loved making this one!


Repurposed Lighting…DIY NETWORK Fun

I’m so excited that it isn’t pitch black at 4 p.m. anymore, but we still need lots of light at night and it makes me think of many of the fun lighting projects I’ve done for DIY NETWORK. My first project ever with them…turning an old plastic tugboat into a light fixture. Here are a few of the lights I’ve created and the links to DIY NETWORK (any of the projects have How Tos)  Hope you find one that you just have to make! Thanks Susan Teare for the great pictures! My best, Joanne 

The easy to make vintage style birdcage floor lamp reminds me of a Restoration Hardware light. And the “nightlight” twin bed headboard, perfect for any kid’s room and very easy to make.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 08.49.20

The second hand tugboat lamp is my first project for DIY NETWORK…So much fun to make. And the old kitchen tins floor lamp, again another easy — make your own lamp project.

Repurposing table lamps can have dramatic results. A simple wooden table lamp can get a country look with paint and ribbons and a small ceramic lamp can put a smile on anyone’s face with pom-poms.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 08.49.04

With some dictionary pages, decoupage… and a few other details, you can change a drab table lamp into a stunning piece. Old baskets are used to create this dramatic cottage pendant light fixture…

You can use an architectural salvaged column to create a floor lamp, or a retro look with an old dress maker form. They’re a lot easier to make than you think!

Some contemporary light fixtures…a copper pipe chandelier and a metal vase wall sconce.

Wine bottle pendants and a retro lamp redo.

One of my favorite…the upcycled chandelier twig light and the retro pulley wall sconce.

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13 DIY Holiday Wreath Ideas

I’m thrilled to say that 4 more unique wreaths I made for DIY NETWORK just went live today. Want to see even more? Well… here are 13 I think you will enjoy. Want to see more of these ideas and other fun salvage design project? Get the blog updates just by adding your email into the SUBSCRIBE button on the sidebar. Then you won’t miss out on a single project or idea that inspires you! Big thank you to Susan Teare for taking all the FINAL photographs of the DIY NETWORK projects.

My best, Joanne

P.S. Click the PICTURE to link to DIY NETWORK for more information on the project.

We’ll start with the 4 wreaths that just went live on DIY NETWORK — with the 25 Wreath Ideas Story. Check out all the wreaths- many of them have step by step instructions.

DIY NETWORK — scrap wood wreath — this was a blast to make!


Love the country feel of this wreath. Everything is second hand or salvaged materials on this project as well as most of the others. DIY NETWORK PROJECT.

This I made from some berry vines up the street from my house. Wrapped them around a wooden floral hoop and then sprayed it white. Romantic white Christmas wreath.

Salvaged Wire and recycled berries and cones. A wreath for DIY NETWORK.

Here I used old picket fence pieces and some faux evergreen. DIY NETWORK project.

Chicken coop wire and feathers — of course, that’s what everyone uses for a holiday wreath…right? Loved making this one for DIY NETWORK.


On a cold winter’s night… I spent many hours, wrapping those Styrofoam balls with yarn I found at the second hand store (love the craft section). A cottage wreath for sure — DIY NETWORK project.

Faux fur and some purple vintage buttons (found those online) — a big purple bow and you can have a fabulous retro holiday. This is a very easy step by step. Don’t forget to click through to the pictures to get to DIY NETWORK how to section :)

This star-shaped wreath is simple in its’ natural element. Driftwood that has been nailed and glued to a piece of plywood. Simple, yet elegant. Follow the step by step on DIY NETWORK.

I was pulling out stuff from my craft box and found all these left over seconds — so I made a wreath out of them.

Last, but not least, the bicycle rim wreath, using coral and star fish. DIY NETWORK project. ENJOY!

Last Minute Easy Halloween Ideas

Joanne Palmisano DIY NETWORK projects Photos by Susan Teare

I usually have to do my Halloween projects in the summer to have them up and ready for you all in the Fall-but when it comes to getting my decorations up-I’m usually running around a few days ahead trying to get everything in place. Here are some really fun DIY’s I’ve done for DIY NETWORK that are pretty quick and easy for your Halloween last minute decorating ideas. (Links in the captions…)

Halloween Welcome Sign… Halloween Rug… Halloween Recycled Jar Terrariums… and Walk Way Lanterns made from old Picture Frames…can all be made for only a few dollars and a couple of hours. All of these projects are LIVE ON DIY NETWORK… Just use these search words to pick the one you want.


You can link through to all four of these easy topiaries. Right now, most faux pumpkins are at a deep discount at the stores — so go get a few and make an easy pumpkin display!

Retro and Glamorous — two different Halloween styles…

One of my personal favorites… the adult Halloween Party Bar. A recycled kitchen cart and some Halloween Décor, including stickers… Get the Step by Step on DIY NETWORK.

Transform your walkway with a Haunted Hotel Sign for Halloween. This sign needs a few parts and some paint and you can have it done before you say BOO…

Joanne Palmisano Pumpkin Firepit DIY NETWORK photo by Lindsay Raymondjack

Nothing like a faux pumpkin bonfire (not really a fire) to create a gathering spot in your neighborhood for Tricker or Treaters. A few faux pumpkins and some flashlights and battery lights and you’ve go an instant party!


So busy getting the decorations up I only had time to cut up an old sweatshirt and put on some jeans — and go FLASH DANCE STYLE to a Halloween Party. I know… I know… She’s a Manic, Manic, For SURE!  Happy Halloween Everyone! Joanne

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