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Create Your Own Holiday Deer Head Graphic T-Shirt — DIY Project

Here is Gabrielle wearing the deer t-shirt. Easy DIY holiday gift idea!

Okay, I’ll admit I started with Bigfoot, then I decided not everyone is a huge Bigfoot Fan (not sure why, but true) so then I decided my friend’s would love deer shirts for the holidays. So here is an easy DIY T-shirt project you make can make for your friends and family. Make a deer, a snowman, a turtle, bigfoot…whatever your heart desires! (Maybe even a heart!)  Enjoy! Joanne

Here is Gabrielle wearing the deer t-shirt. Easy DIY holiday gift idea!

Here is Gabrielle wearing the deer t-shirt. Easy DIY holiday gift idea!

DIY Deer Head T-Shirt Joanne Palmisano

Using self-adhesive drawer lining paper (mine happens to be polka dotted), I printed out a picture of a deer head and then cut it out. Then I outlined it on my drawing lining paper. Then I cut that out. Phew!

2015-12-07 19.04.52

If you want — you can use a tiny bit of photo adhesive to keep the paper deer head from moving on the liner paper while you outline it with a pen. Up to you!

2015-12-07 19.09.57

Okay! So here is the deer head cut out on the self-adhesive drawer lining paper.

2015-12-07 19.11.10

Now, I’ll get the t-shirt ready. Note about the t-shirt. I went to Goodwill bought a bunch — washed them all. Then I found out that some take the bleach and some don’t. So pick t-shirts that have mostly cotton in them — that will up your odds to making this a success. Then add some cardboard inside the t-shirt so when you spray it — the bleach does not go through the back. Make sure to do this in a protected area (wearing work clothes).

2015-12-07 19.12.28

Now take off the protective backing from the deer head — and adhere it to the t-shirt.

2015-12-07 19.13.14

Make sure it is straight and centered before you press it down — if not, lift it back up and do it again. Then press all the sides down firmly.

2015-12-07 19.19.00

I added bleach to an old spray bottle. I like the misting type bottles. As you can see, some t-shirts turn colors right away and others will take about 10 minutes. Go light on the spray-just a few spritzes — you can always add more later.

2015-12-07 19.56.57

Let them dry for a while, then pull up the adhesive. If you are careful, you’ll be able to use it again and again.

2015-12-07 19.57.39b

Once done, wash them in cold water and dry them. DO NOT WASH THEM with anything else — just together. Make sure not to get the bleach on anything before they have been washed and dried. Every t-shirt will bleach differently. Some will bleach white, red, or off-white…totally depending. So make a bunch. Have fun!

I’d love to see what you make. Send picture to my facebook page!


T-shirt DIY by Joanne Palmisano

Feel free to link HERE! :)






Holiday Styling Work…Mantels and More


As a stylist, I get to style for some incredible companies and style my own DIY NETWORK projects. Here are some Holiday Styling ideas, mantels, wreaths and more, that I think will help you get in the spirit!  Enjoy! Joanne

_DSC0131 (1)

Styling and DIY project for DIY NETWORK. Photography by Susan Teare




Romantic painted jars — budget friendly project for DIY NETWORK. Loved styling this one. Photography by Susan Teare


Styling for Gardener Supply Company — Holiday Lights… Photography by Jeff Clarke.


Romantic Holiday Ornaments — Gardener Supply Company


More romance for Gardener Supply Company Holiday Product Line.


Let’s have a holiday party…Gardener Supply Company vintage style cart.


Gardener Supply Company trays for all occasions.


These Gardener Supply Company paper snowflakes are gorgeous.


Creating a little village…Gardener Supply Company


Derby Glass Display…Gardener Supply…


Retro Holiday Look for DIY NETWORK.


Loved making this yarn wreath and setting the stage for it. DIY NETWORK.


Birch Bark Wreath — DIY NETWORK.


The infamous JOY sign for DIY NETWORK.


More retro mantel décor — are those GoGo Boots! Yup! DIY NETWORK.

Screenshot 2015-08-05 14.36.23

Romantic Lights for Gardener Supply Company. Photography by Jeff Clarke.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 08.14.03

Outdoor lighting display! Gardener Supply Company



12 Holiday DIY Décor Ideas From Your Basement & Garage

Sometimes you don’t have to go any further than a closet, basement or garage to create some new and interesting holiday décor or gift ideas! Here are 12 decorating and gift items I made from stuff around the house! Take about BUDGET FRIENDLY!  Enjoy! Joanne

old staircase spindle ornaments copy

Here are some old stair spindles I had in the basement. I cut them and pulled some berries from a fake fall wreath. Instant Christmas tree ornaments.

Holiday dishtowels always get pulled out each year. This year, I tea dyed a couple and added some vintage ribbon I had in my sewing kit. I gathered the top a little, sewed the ribbon across it and created an instant apron.

silver and green wreath

Fake greenery and left over holiday décor — plus some plumbing handles I found in the garage. Glued them all on a wooden wreath (can use cardboard circle) and voilà — Christmas wreath for your front door.

Holiday DIY by Joanne Palmisano

You know the plastic and ceramic colorful figurines, Santa’s, angels, snowmen, that sit in the bottom of your holiday bin? Get your silver and gold spray paint out — glue on a hanger (I used some left over craft bells) and more tree ornaments.

Wreath Christmas MISFIT TRINKETS

This is what I call the bottom of the holiday bin wreath. Seriously! I pulled all my Christmas bins out and grabbed all the broken ornaments, scraps of ribbon, pieces of fake berries and even a holiday necklace (the hanger) and created the WREATH of MISFIT TRINKETS…which hangs on the door on the island of MISFIT TOYS. :)

For all your coastal lovers — who doesn’t have a box or two full of shells you collected? Well, I just cut out a cardboard shape of a seahorse and glued on shells. A fun gift DIY for the cottage owner or beach lover on your list.

metal holiday ornaments joanne palmisano

We had even more plumbing handles in the garage. Add some ribbon, spray them and a little glitter and these become industrial style holiday décor.

Holiday DIY table setting place holders

This is really scrounging around the basement. More holiday figurines, some wine corks and left over tile from a project. Create some table setting name place holders.

table runner holiday

Dozens of mismatched glassware, jars and vases — not to mention a garland of fake greenery pulled apart and a old scarf and I’ve created an instant holiday table runner.

Holiday Mailbox DIY Joanne Palmisano

What to do with that old metal mailbox? Create a holiday card holder! Paint the whole thing white, then using painters tape and some gold spray and you have instant stripes! Letters to Santa is another way to use it!

chalk paint holiday DIY coasters Joanne Palmisano

Scrap lumber cut into coaster size, then add some chalk paint and draw on some fun holiday shapes! These make great holiday DIY gift ideas as well.

Holiday wool pillow DIY joanne palmisano

And old wool blanket, a left over pillow and a piece of a moth eaten hunter’s jacket (washed first, of course). I just hand stitched the pieces of wool together to give it a rough edge look! Instant holiday pillow with a hunter plain stocking on the front! Ta Da!

costume jewlery upcycled into christmas tree ornaments by Joanne Palmisano

Here are 19 MORE Inexpensive, rustic holiday ideas DIY’s I made for DIY NETWORK!

Special Holiday Offer on Salvage Books

BEST BOOK DEAL EVER! The Publisher (W.W. Norton) is offer a holiday special- 40% off when you buy both books. Use code…HOLIDAYSS…at the checkout! Get this great deal while it lasts!  Thanks.  Happy Holidays! Joanne

Screenshot 2015-12-08 07.45.56

Ideas by Joanne Palmisano


Nature’s DIY Ornament, Acorn Hearts with Red Ribbon, Weekend Project

Perfect timing! It’s Friday and if you want to get out into the woods this weekend and pick up some acorns, pinecones and twigs to make some holiday décor here is an easy DIY you can make with the acorn caps.  (Plus, 19 more DIY’s below!)  Have fun! JoanneAcorn Heart Ornament by Joanne Palmisano

First, find some eager souls to join you in the woods to find the acorns. Bring the large dog that looks like a bear…that’ll keep folks away. Thanks to my sister, Julie and my daughter, Gabrielle, we collected a ton of acorn caps.

2015-11-28 18.56.52

I washed and dried all my acorn caps but that’s optional. Look how many we got!

2015-12-04 13.12.38

I used an old cutting board (to drill into), a drill with a small bit, wire cutters, and some galvanized steel wire-easily found in the picture hanging section of the hardware store.

Then slowly I drilled a hole in each of the acorn caps — which took the patience of a Jedi! Drill close to the center. Then string on the wire, changing which direction they face sporadically. (Of course, you don’t have to make as many as I did.)

Twist the ends of the wire together with the wire cutter pliers and tuck it under the end of the heart. Then form the heart with your hands — the wire is very malleable. Then get some old ribbon (I cut my in half) and hang near the top of the heart and tie.


I also made an extra large one to sit on top of my extra large vintage dictionary. You probably can’t see it but the page is opened to LOVE — I know — corny. :) It’s like a folk art piece. I used cooper wire on this one.

WANT TO SEE MORE HOLIDAY DIYs? I just finished a bunch for DIY NETWORK.

costume jewlery upcycled into christmas tree ornaments by Joanne Palmisano

Here is just one of the 19 Rustic, Inexpensive, Holiday DIY’s I did for DIY NETWORK. Check them out here.



Design Books, Holiday Gift Ideas, Vintage, Inspired, Collectable, Style…

There is something special about giving and receiving books for the holidays. Not only is it a great gift idea but they are easy to shop for (and wrap). I’m thrilled to say my books have received some amazing reviews here in the United States and abroad. Check out these inside pages and see what all the fuss is about :). There are many locations to buy them, including Amazon.  It would mean a lot to me, if you considered giving one or both of my books to your favorite designer, homebuilder, architect, or lover of all things vintage, antique and recycled. Published by W.W. Norton, Photography by Susan Teare.

Holiday Design Book Ideas


Commercial spaces with unique salvaged and vintage décor.

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor

You will walk away with hundreds of decorating ideas for your own home.

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor by Joanne Palmisano

Full of color, spaces and unique ways to decorate.

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor Book, W.W. Norton, Joanne Palmisano, Susan  Teare

Stunning DIY ideas that cost next to nothing. Step by step pictures included.

Salvage Secrets Design & DEcor -- Book

Romantic, Bohemian, Rustic, Country, Modern…all these styles and more are featured in Salvage Secrets Design & Decor

She sheds are so hot today…this shed turned guest cottage, is just one of the bright and cheerful spaces featured in this book.

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor

Modern Farmhouse is hot right now and this home is a stunner. There are over a dozen homes featured in the book, with details on how they got their style and where they shop for their treasures.

More DIY’s and ways to style your table tops and salvaged finds.

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor by Joanne Palmisano (W.W. Norton)

This Southwestern Home and Northeastern home show two totally different ideas — but a common theme — can you guess it?

You have got to love this cottage on the water outside of San Francisco. Quaint, cozy and oh so, creative. See the whole house in the book.

Glamorous uptown New York City apartment shows that you can use all vintage, salvage and reclaimed and still look like a million bucks! You don’t want to miss the rest of this apartments and the homeowner/designers favorite places to shop in NYC.


Salvage Secrets, Transforming Reclaimed Materials Into Design Concepts

Lighting…this book shows how using salvaged and recycled materials can create some of the most unique lighting available today.

From reclaimed wood floors to vintage gates as décor, this book goes from A to Z when it comes to adding salvage, reclaimed, recycled and vintage to your home.

Design ideas, romantic settings and amazing photography by Susan Teare, this book will inspire you.

List of Tips, Design Ideas, Where to Shop and how creative you can get…

Sometimes it just takes one unique piece to create a focal point. Also — details on materials — how and when you should use them.

Salvage Secrets Joanne Palmisano

Houses from East to West are featured in this book. Each with their own style.

Retro, Rustic and Places to Shop

Salvage Secrets book, Joanne Palmisano

Sometimes the styling can be simple if the design is gorgeous all on its own. Recycled cabinets and sink make this kitchen a stunner!

How to use reclaimed stone to adding special touches to your kitchen.

Salvage Secrets book, Joanne Palmisano

Even the smallest piece of wood can be reclaimed. This book is all about the simplest ways to make recycling fun, creative, unique and good for the earth.






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